Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 85: Creating a Hero (5)

Chapter 85: Creating a Hero (5)

The hero's sword was prepared.

The hero's power has also become sufficient.

He has also become skilled in handling magic power.

Now all that remains is to confirm whether the hero can defeat the monsters.


"Now, it's time for hunting training."

It's time to teach the hero the weight of taking a life.

"Um... that is...?"

"Don't you see? It's a slime."

Slimes, creatures that form the basis of life in this world.

Some slimes evolved into various forms to become the current creatures, while others still lived as slimes.

Well, since they didn't need to mutate, they increased in numbers instead of changing, slimes that decomposed waste and garbage while living at the bottom of the ecological pyramid, keeping the environment clean as precious beings.

"I understand it's a slime, but why..."

"You must practice harming living beings."

If I told you to kill a huge monster from the start, it would be natural to feel reluct.

The proper way is to start small and work your way up gradually.

And since slimes are the weakest creatures that even children can step on and kill, even a kind-hearted hero shouldn't find it too difficult.

To be honest, apart from me who created them directly, no one would consider slimes as living beings.

"Go ahead and try."

I kicked the slime towards the hero again, and after some hesitation, the hero swung his sword.


The slimy body was instantly shredded into pieces.

Well, since slimes are so weak that they die from just being stepped on, this should be easy.

"So a hero's job... involves harming other lives."

"That's right. It's about cutting down violent monsters to save others."

I suppose it's not easy from the perspective of kind-hearted hero?

But you must get used to it. You can't hesitate like that when facing other monsters.

"If sacrificing one can save ten... I cannot hesitate. If I hesitate, dozens or hundreds of lives will be lost."

"Right. It may not be easy, but be prepared."

At my words, the hero nodded resolutely.

Well, I'm glad the hero isn't just kind-hearted.

If that kind heart becomes the driving force to save others, it will serve him well.

So I brought various live monsters as experience for the hero's training.

From ordinary horned rabbits to dogs wrapped in fire or lightning, cows shrouded in shadows, and huge insects that dug up the ground.

Little by little, the hero became accustomed to killing living beings, but he seemed to be struggling more and more.

"Are you alright?"

"Huff... Yes... I'm fine..."

The hero took a deep breath, his shoulders heaving. I suppose it wasn't easy to keep pushing him like that.

"Then let's stop for today."

"No, I'm fine."

"My..., look at your own condition. How can you say that when you're not in top shape?"


I shook my head and said,

"Stop being stubborn. How can you save others if you can't even understand your own condition? If you collapse without understanding yourself, who will protect the others? Now go wash up and rest."

At my scolding, the hero lowered his head without a word, and I lightly snapped my fingers to send him to his room.

He seemed a bit dissatisfied, but what can I do? He looked exhausted enough to show it outwardly

Speaking of which...

"While the others may not matter, I put some thought into catching this sandworm. And yet he cut it down..."

I marveled at the vertically sandworm.

I thought it might be a bit dangerous... but it seems the hero's skill exceeds what I had anticipated.Fiind updted ovels on n/v/elbin(.)co/m

With this, he shouldn't have any trouble with monsters due to lack of ability.

[Wow, a human cut a huge worm? Is he really human?]

"Sylphid. You're back."

[Yes, Mom. I did as you asked and tormented that human a bit.]

I nodded at Sylphid's words. I had told her to torment the wandering Second Prince of the Arcad Kingdom a bit, and Sylphid seemed very satisfied after throwing him into the midst of a storm.

[He dared to covet you, Mom! He deserved to die a thousand deaths, so I tormented him thoroughly!]

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"It was quite a sight to see a person being tossed around in a storm like trash. And you showed such delicate control of your power that you didn't harm any other humans. Truly impressive."

[Heheh. I've been practicing power control for hundreds of years!]

I smiled at Sylphid's words.

"As a reward for granting my request... I should give you a gift."

[Oh my! Are you going to return the scales? You don't have to!]

"Of course not the scales."

I have no intention of returning those ever again. Pretending not to want them while being greedy, you greedy thing.

[Then what gift if not the scales?]

"It's magic to create a physical body, though not as good as the scales."

I taught Sylphid the magic to create an avatar body.

"It's magic that allows you to use a human body as your own. Of course, it will be weaker than a dragon's body, but it will have enough power for you to explore this world."

[It's a shame it's not the scales, but this will do. Thank you, Mom!]

"What's this. You're the one who found these monsters for me."

While I was training the hero, Sylphid released the wind spirits to inform me of the locations of dangerous monsters.

She informed me of the locations of monsters too strong for humans to handle, and prevented them from harming people.

This sandworm was one of them.

[It was causing trouble in the scorching desert. Ifrit was about to wake up and subdue it himself.]

"Ifrit, who barely moves? My... he must have been really angry."

[What was that? It was about to attack a village on the edge of the desert. And Ifrit was watching over that village...]

So Ifrit was indeed watching over the village of Mages, Babel, even if he didn't show outwardly.

That guy, really.

"But, Mom."


Sylphid had already created an avatar body and was standing before me. She's quick to apply it.

"What are your plans for creating such a powerful human? Will you use that human to conquer all of humanity?"

Sylphid's expression as she said that seemed strangely excited.

What is this girl talking about?

"Why would I do that? I just plan to have that child deal with monsters too strong for humans to handle."

"Huh? Why go through such trouble? If you just touched them, Mom, the monsters would be instantly separated into bones and flesh."

Well, if I had intended to do that, I would have done it already.

"It's because fragments of Erebus may be inside those monsters. The pieces are too small for me to find, so I'm having that child do my work instead."

Automated hunting is the best!

Of course, the setup beforehand is a bit troublesome.

"Heh... Well, if that's what you're doing, I'll take your word for it."

Take my word for it, indeed.

"Then I'll be going now. I wanted to travel the human lands directly."

"Go ahead. Oh, and don't forget to inform me if you get information on other monsters. I might send the hero directly next time."

"Yes! The wind spirit children are searching diligently!"

"Farewell, Mom!"

And so Sylphid wrapped the wind around her body and began to float away.

Let's see... The only child I haven't taught the avatar magic to yet is... Thetis, I think?

I should go find her later and teach her. Since she's in the middle of a remote sea, it's hard to find her unless I make an effort.

Well then, shall I check on the hero?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[I will go on a short journey.]

In the hero's room was a letter with slightly crooked handwriting.

Did he run away just because I scolded him a little? Even though his storm and saucy phase should be over?

His body is fully grown, but his mind is still a child's. Geez... tsk tsk.

Well, I can easily find out where he went since I can track the location of the hero's sword.

But... maybe I'll just observe for now. I'm curious what thoughts led the hero to punch a hole in the ceiling and leave.

I was planning to send him out anyway. I can just think of it as sending him out a little earlier.

He's become strong enough to be called the strongest among humans, so he shouldn't be in much danger. And with all the training I've given him, survival shouldn't be an issue either.

So I began tracking the hero's location and observing from afar.

I wonder what the hero will find at the end of his journey? Will he shed his kind but weak self and be reborn as a strong person?

Or will he become disillusioned by the harsh and cruel reality?

I watched the hero with keen interest.

Of course, I was prepared to rush over at the slightest hint of trouble.

Chapter end

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