Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 4: Hello. World! (4)

Chapter 4: Hello. World! (4)

Watching the fish swimming around, having transformed into fish-like beings, I carefully dipped my hand into the seawater.

The cold sensation. When I slightly licked it, the salty taste was distinctly felt, seeming not much different from the seawater I knew.

Hmm. I want to explore the underwater world more... But there's a limit to what I can see from above.

Should I go in? But how do I swim with this transformed body?

A dragon with a considerably sturdy lower body swimming... Hmm... I'm not sure.

Well, there's no way to know without trying. I cautiously started to enter the sea.

The cold seawater soaked my legs and tail. Not a bad feeling.

Ah, but wouldn't it sting to open my eyes in the sea? I hesitate a bit since I've never tried it before.

Ugh... Ah! Whatever, it's all about taking on challenges! As if a dragon would die from drowning! If I can fly with my wings, water should be no big deal!

And surprisingly, I was completely free in the water.

No need to hold my breath, no discomfort in opening my eyes, and I could move more comfortably as I felt almost weightless.

Swimming was... easy enough by just moving my tail back and forth to propel myself forward.

Hmm, as expected of a dragon! I worried for nothing!!

I quickly swam around, observing my surroundings.

A sea where seaweed and corals were slowly growing. Although there weren't any proper fish yet, it had its own charm.

And there were slimes gradually transforming into fish shapes that caught my eye.

Slimes adapting to their environment were transforming into various forms.

Some slimes took on the typical appearance of fish. Some oddly resembled squids.

There were those transforming into forms like trilobites or shrimps, and even some turning into bizarre deep-sea fish-like appearances.

I wonder how many of these slimes will survive? It was becoming quite interesting.

Looking back, the ones I released on land were transforming to gain different attributes, but the slimes in the water were somewhat different.

Thus, I traveled the world, releasing slimes, and spent my time observing their transformations.

One day, two days, three days, four days. Time repeated with the rising and setting of the sun.

As time flowed, the world gradually changed.

The sight of life slowly spreading from nothing.

In such a scene, I found myself bursting into laughter unknowingly.

With my actions and choices, the world was changing so much, I felt like a magnificent being.

Well, it's right for a dragon with godlike powers to be magnificent.

After observing the changes in life for days, weeks, months, another change was coming to this world.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What is magic power?

The driving force for using magic.

A mysterious power widely spread throughout the world.

A grace bestowed by the gods upon this world.

The realization of the will to cause change.

As many magicians as there are, there are many definitions of magic power, but I think of it this way.

It's like the blood flowing through the veins of the existence called this world.

- Content of the first lecture in the basic class of the Kingdom's Magic School.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

At first, I didn't notice because the changes were minor, but as time passed, it became clear.

The magic power of the world was gradually intensifying.

It was indeed mentioned in the message sent by that person, but what would happen due to this magic power... was a bit unpredictable.T/his chapter is updatd by nv((l)biin.co/m

Still, it's good to have a means I can freely use.

As I sighed softly, the magic power within me reacted, releasing a small breath.

Since I didn't perform any attribute transformation, it was just a breath of wind.

Had I wished for a certain attribute and exhaled, it would have shown such a change.

I could have exhaled fire, lightning, cold, or even water.

That was what magic power was.

The power to realize what one desires. The force that brings about change by placing intentions and will upon magical power.

Whether this power would bring change to the world... was a concern, yet also something I looked forward to.

Unlike my situation, the slimes were thriving today as well.

The slimes that flowed into the sea had already taken on the appearances of various creatures.

Some had evolved hard shells and resembled insects, while others had fully taken on the form of fish.

However, those that underwent such evolution, perhaps because they were no longer just simple slimes, required a lot of energy to maintain their bodies... meaning they needed to eat.

Well, it can't be helped. While slimes could just absorb things, fish had scales, the ability to swallow and digest with their mouths, and the function to breathe with gills.

The required energy was worlds apart.

Thanks to that, it was common to see large fish swallowing smaller ones.

A scene of the survival of the fittest. Perhaps this too was part of the flow of evolution.

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On the other hand, the slimes on land hadn't strayed far from the category of slimes.

There were slimes that spat fire or exhaled cold, but it was hard to consider those creatures as living beings.

Ah, but the rock-like slimes were somewhat fascinating.

Because of their solid bodies, moving was difficult, so some had developed small legs to move around.

The appearance of these rock slimes with legs reminded me of golems.

They still lacked arms or heads, but anyway.

Thus, I continued to observe the changes in life and traveled the world.

Due to the thickening magical power, I noticed that anomalies were gradually occurring in the world.

To be specific, strange natural phenomena began to occur.

"Hmm... How should I think about this?"

Giant whirlwinds formed incessantly between massive canyons, and huge whirlpools appeared in parts of the sea.

Magical power was circulating in the world, causing various phenomena.

No, if it were just that, it wouldn't be called an anomaly.

The biggest problem was.

"Ah... Ahhhh..."

That these phenomena were beginning to possess a slight amount of intelligence.

I sighed softly as I looked at the whirlwind before me.

A whirlwind of considerable strength, but still not enough to move my body.

A faint voice could be heard from within it.


The voice of an intelligence that had not yet been properly defined.

Something was coming into being in a world where I was the only one who could think.

Destroying this phenomenon wouldn't be difficult. Just exhaling a breath filled with magical power would easily destroy it.

But, I didn't want to do that.

I didn't want to destroy a being that this world had given birth to.

So, I said.

"What is your name?"

"Ahah... Naa... Naaneun..."

"Okay. Your name is?"

"Naaneun... Whooooo...?"

But, the newly born intelligence couldn't define itself as anything.

After all, it was like a blank sheet of paper, how could it know?

Therefore, it was up to me to give it a name.

A giant whirlwind. Perhaps I should take a name from the wind spirits.

"I will give you a name. Sylphid. That will be your name from now on."

"Syl... Phid?"

"Yes. Sylphid."

A name synonymous with the King of Wind Spirits. Giving such a name, a peculiar movement arises from the whirlwind.

The wind that had been swirling around now approaches me bit by bit.

"I am... Sylphid... Sylphid...!"

"Yes. You are Sylphid."


The whirlwind was very happy. So much so that I could feel its joy even from a distance.

Simply put, the wind was becoming quite fierce.

"Name! Happy!!!"

"I'm glad you're happy. Then, I will go see something else."

"Yes! Name! Thank you!!!"

Leaving the whirlwind writhing in joy behind, I flew off to another place.

Whether it was due to magical power, phenomena beginning to sprout consciousness were not just one or two.

In the volcano that birthed an eternal flame.

In the giant whirlpool that formed in the sea.

On the world's tallest mountain.

In the tree that grew as large as a mountain due to magical power.

Even in the darkness where not a sliver of light entered.

Even in the light of the midnight sun that never sets.

Natural phenomena with their own consciousness were emerging.

That being said, not one of them shares the same attribute.

It's as if, someone intended it...

Wait, do I have to name these natural phenomena? Me?

Hmm... My naming sense isn't that great. This is troublesome.

Chapter end

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