Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 37: God (2)

Chapter 37: God (2)

A letter envelope quietly floating in the bottom right of my field of view.

I clicked (tsk) my tongue slightly at the sight of the envelope, which had not appeared for thousands of years.

The creator of this world, who left me in this world and had not contacted me for a very long time... What on earth is he trying to say by sending this?

Suppressing the slight irritation rising, I touched the envelope with my finger.


Intelligent beings have learned writing.

Due to the faith of intelligent beings,

GodTalk is activated.

Increase the faith towards you!

The path to omnipotence is not far!

This message is automated.

Sighh... Look at this. Now he only sends automated messages?

T/N: Hahaha

Or what? Was it reserved in advance and just now opened? Was it set to activate this feature when writing is spread?

Hmm... What exactly does that creator god expect from me? As of now, I have no idea.

I sighed softly and neatly folded away my thoughts about the creator god. It's a loss to worry about an inscrutable being.

As for GodTalk... Thinking about it, there was such content in the message sent by the creator god when it was first opened.

I scrolled up and open messenger to check the first message I received.

By the way, this was made as a messenger for gods.

Named GodTalk!

For now, it's just you and me using it.

Maybe someday, if there are gods in that world, they'll use it?

Seeing that part... It was meant to be used like this from the beginning.

I closed the message window. It said it was a messenger for gods, but I don't know how to use it...

Once again, a message window pops up in the corner of my view.

This time, there's a small number attached to the corner of the envelope.

It looked like how a messenger indicates how many unread messages there are.

That number is... 10, 30, 50, 100... What's this? Why does it keep going up? The number, incessantly increasing, stopped at 999 .

What's this... It looks like countless messages have piled up.

Swallowing dryly at the overwhelming number, I cautiously touched the envelope icon with my finger.

Then, a message window of immeasurable length appears before me.

The name of the God to whom the message was addressed was the Creator Dragon God.

The senders were numerous lizardmen.

Hmm. So... It seems each prayer sent by the lizardmen to the Creator Dragon God is listed here. And looking at the sent times, the messages have been piling up until GodTalk was activated, at which point they all rushed in at once.

The prayers raised by lizardmen from the time they began to believe in the Creator Dragon God until now are all gathered in this message window...

H-How am I supposed to read all this... Even if I stopped time, it seems daunting.

While seriously considering ignoring all the messages, fortunately, I discovered that the message window has a feature to filter prayers.

Well, of course. How could all prayers be answered? Minor prayers are lightly skipped over. Yes.

Let's filter only the prayers of the chief of the lizardmen tribe for now, and take a closer look if there are really desperate prayers. Fortunately, the filtering of prayers was very detailed, so I could check for sincere prayers as well.

Hmm. So....

[Oh, Creator Dragon God! Are you sleeping?]

Is a recent prayer. A prayer sent by the chief of the lizardmen tribe.

We will rely solely on your kindness! Click here!

Donate now

Hmm... A prayer seeking me. Well, I haven't done much for the lizardmen in the last few hundred years. They might feel like they've been neglected.

Maybe I should have shown my face occasionally? But I was preoccupied with other races, so the lizardmen were put on the back burner.

I didn't pay much attention to them, strongly believing that the lizardmen would manage on their own. Hmm....

Maybe the lizardmen... their faith in me, their faith in the Creator Dragon God, fading?

I examined the prayers received in the name of... no, under the authority of the Creator Dragon God. There were plenty of prayers sent from ancient times, but their frequency was gradually decreasing.

Indeed... There haven't been many prayers sent recently. The faith of the lizardmen towards the Creator Dragon God was noticeably diminishing.

Hmm. I wasn't particularly fond of the name Creator Dragon God... but it's a bit concerning that the prayers towards me are decreasing.

Right. Since I've been preoccupied with other races and haven't taken care of the lizardmen, maybe I should start helping them out a bit from now on?

But even if I want to help... I'm not sure what the lizardmen immediately need.

They are physically strong, not lacking in food. They consider the development of technology sufficient with obsidian stone tools and are not advancing further...

Ah, right. How about selecting one of the lizardmen and bestowing a blessing?

If I hold something like a martial arts tournament and choose the strongest lizardman to grant the title of Great Warrior, and give a slight blessing to the Great Warrior, their faith in me would quickly be restored.

Hmm. Should I mix in something else? Since lizardmen use magic with the power of spirits, how about creating the position of Great Shaman as well?

A feeling of constituting the rulers of the lizardmen with three people, the Great Chieftain, Great Warrior, Great Shaman? Separation of powers? Ah, this is a bit different.

The Great Warrior would be chosen through the festival's martial arts tournament, and the Great Shaman would be selected from among the lizardmen who have the most talent for magic...

Let's keep the Great Chieftain as it is now, inherited through lineage. Un.

Speaking of which, do they still have the obsidian spear I fixed myself in the past? Hmm...

If the spear is passed down to the Great Chieftain, it might be better to create a completely new weapon for the Great Warrior... Since the obsidian spear is already passed down to the Great Chieftain, I can't tell them to use that.

I need to think a bit. What kind of weapon should I bestow upon the lizardmen's Great Warrior?

No, no. Let's change the approach.

Instead of bestowing a weapon, how about blessing the weapon the Great Warrior already uses?

Unlike the Great Chieftain, who inherits their position through lineage, a privilege that the winner of the martial arts tournament can obtain needs a tailored reward.

Rather than fixing the type of weapon, blessing the weapon that the winner is accustomed to, that fits in the winner's hand, would be better. It would also be better for the one chosen as the Great Warrior.

Additionally, let's enhance them physically. Hmm... Since they are lizardmen, how about evolving their bodies to make them akin to dragonkin?VIssT n0(v)eL/b(i)(n). for the best novel reading experience

Of course, they would be inferior compared to real dragons, but a lizardman bearing some of the dragon's power would surely be valuable.

Alright. That should be enough for the Great Warrior, next is the Great Shaman... Hmm...

How should I go about this? Should I select the lizardman with the most outstanding talent?

A Great Chieftain selected by lineage, a Great Warrior standing tall through their own strength, and a Great Shaman chosen for their exceptional talent... Hmm. Seems like a well-balanced combination.

Additionally, the Great Shaman could have the privilege of direct communication with me, or if they need something, I could immediately teach them, or improve and teach the lizardmen's magic...

Hmm. For the Great Shaman, it might be better to lend knowledge in this way rather than material help.

Lastly, for the Great Chieftain... Since they have power inherited through lineage, that should be fine, right?

Alright. Now that I have a general direction, I'll slowly make a decision and then inform the lizardmen... no, it would be problematic to announce it to all lizardmen, so maybe I'll just talk to the Great Chieftain.

At the next festival, I'll hold a tournament to select the most outstanding warrior and decide on the most talented shaman to have a direct conversation with me.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The representative festival of the lizardmen. On the last day of the Festival of the White Flower, a martial arts tournament is held to select the Great Warrior representing the lizardmen.

Only lizardmen can participate in this martial arts tournament, and the winner will receive the honorable title of Great Warrior and the blessing of the Creator Dragon God, allowing them to transcend lizardmen and become dragonkin.

Of course, it's a temporary blessing allowed only for the year one serves as the Great Warrior of the lizardmen.

But even a blessing limited to one year should not be underestimated.

From the moment one receives the blessing, their body returns to its prime, and any physical ailments are completely eradicated.

According to records, one Great Warrior had several issues including a serious heart condition, but because their skills were the best among the lizardmen, they were able to ascend to the position of Great Warrior. Upon receiving the blessing of the Creator Dragon God, it's said that all problems with their body were resolved.

And a year later, when another became the Great Warrior, the blessing of the Creator Dragon God left their body, but for some reason, all the physical problems remained solved.

Simply by becoming the Great Warrior and receiving the blessing of the Creator Dragon God, minor issues like diseases were all resolved.

- Festival of the White Flower promotional pamphlet.

Chapter end

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