Whether You Call Me a Guardian Dragon or Not, I'm Going to Sleep – Chapter 30: Subrace (5)

Chapter 30: Subrace (5)


Long ago... No, maybe not so long ago.

It hasn't even been a few thousand years.

Anyway, in the past, the spirits, who were once dragons, wandered the world like innocent children, having forgotten even about themselves.

If there were a king of spirits to rule over them, it would be the seven children who became the ancestors of dragons... But let's skip over those children for now.

After the dragons turned into spirits, their influence led to the birth of even smaller, more numerous spirits.

In other words... the spirits that were dragons became higher spirits, and the newly born spirits became middle or lower spirits.

Anyway. The method to borrow the power of such spirits was not difficult.

To contract with a spirit and supply magical power to materialize the spirit. It's simple if it's simple, and difficult if it's difficult.

Lizardmen have a very low aptitude for magical power, so they cannot materialize spirits and only create spells to borrow the power of spirits... but that has its own flavor, so it's fine.

Ahem. The story has drifted elsewhere. Let's get back on track.

Elves, who can converse with spirits, tend to have a high aptitude for magical power, so they should be able to materialize spirits.

"Contract with the spirits and provide them with magical power to materialize them. Then the spirits will listen to your requests."

At my light gesture, various spirits begin to dance in the air.

Wind spirits dancing lightly in a circle. Fire spirits frolicking and swinging orderly flames.

Water spirits dancing smoothly like flowing water and earth spirits expressing faint emotions with static movements.

The ballroom created by the four elemental spirits exudes a dreamy atmosphere.

"How beautiful..."

"Show this beautiful sight to Yggdrasil and appease Yggdrasil."

"Can't you do it for us?"

At an elf's words, I shook my head. This guy is trying to get a free ride.

"The problems that originated from you must be resolved by your own hands. I am merely suggesting the method."

As I wave my hand again, the spirits join hands and form a large circle. I wonder what the elves, seeing the spirits of all four elements coming together and holding hands in harmony, are thinking.

If they still don't realize anything even after being shown this scene of unity, then maybe I'll have to crack their heads open myself.Yur favorite ovels at n/(v)el/bin(.)com

"Understood. Please teach us the method."

Fortunately, it seemed I wouldn't need to intervene directly.

I taught the elves how to contract with spirits.

"Spirits are innocent but at the same time cunning and capricious. To easily handle such spirits, you must make a contract."

Ah, of course, dragons like me don't need such things.

After all, we are superior. In power and in position.

"Talk with the spirits that approach you, and make a contract to borrow their power in exchange for providing magical power. If you do so, the spirits will move as if they were your own limbs."

You don't necessarily need a contract document. The contract with a spirit is engraved within the spirit itself.

Of course, if an elf were to treat a spirit harshly, that contract would soon be invalidated... But surely, I don't think there wouldn't be anyone who would mistreat a spirit that serves them like their own limbs.

That would be foolish.

"Excuse me, but... how should we use magical power?"

Hmm? Ah... Right. Magical power.

Since dragons instinctively use magical power, I've never really taught it and forgot about it.

Well, these ones probably haven't handled magical power before either.

"Magical power is a force that circulates in this world and resides within all beings."

In the flowing stream, within the solid rock, and even in the cool breeze. Magical power exists.

And within their bodies as well... magical power existed.

"Close your eyes and focus on the presence of the magical power flowing within you. The magical power that enters with your inhalation and exits with your exhalation. Focus on the magical power that gradually accumulates in your body during this process."

Since there is no martial arts technique like internal energy cultivation that filters out magical power from breathing... It's inevitable that they can only gather the magical power that comes in and out with simple breathing.

Well, given the lifespan of elves, I think they should be able to gather enough magical power to feel its presence.

As I expected. The elves began to slowly realize the existence of magical power residing within their bodies.

It's a relief that things are easy. If they hadn't felt the magical power, I might have had to increase the concentration of magical power around here to make them notice.

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Of course, that might have been a bit painful. Like a human breathing air suddenly drowning in water.

High concentrations of magical power are a bit dangerous, but it's certainly possible to adjust... Hmm. Let's move on from that.

Anyway, the elves began to notice the magical power within their bodies.

But, noticing it and moving it are two different stories.

"Many spirits will speak to you. Try speaking to the spirit you think is the biggest and strongest."

Spirits fundamentally follow a strict hierarchy. Even if you make a contract with just one of the strongest spirits, all the spirits below it will automatically follow.

Thus, the elves began to make contracts with the spirits that spoke to them.

Depending on their aptitude, elves made contracts with one or two spirits. Among them, the most outstanding could make contracts with three.

Is that impressive? I'm not sure. After all, I can command spirits with just a gesture.

Given that I've looked after the children who could be called the kings of spirits, why wouldn't the spirits listen to me?

Even the not so numerous spirits of fire, as well as the spirits of wind and water that scatter them. And the spirits of the rising earth and lush trees.

Speaking of which, I don't see the spirits of light and darkness. Hmm...

They must be a bit finicky. Especially darkness, since its parent, Erebus, is hiding.

That unfilial child... Just wait until I catch him. I'll give him a piece of my mind.

"Now that everyone's spirits are ready, let's appease Yggdrasil."

At my words, the elves began to move their spirits.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"It is known that this is the beginning of the Great Spirit Festival, a festival of the elves."

"The Great Spirit Festival?"

"Yes. The Great Spirit Festival."

At the elf's words, the hero, looked out the window.

A ballroom filled with spirits on the streets. A scene as if dropped into a world where only spirits exist.

The festival of white flowers I saw in the lizardmen's village was beautiful, but the sight before my eyes now had a different kind of beauty.

"After showing such a beautiful dance of spirits, the World Tree's heart was softened, and it began to look after the elves again. In return for showing such a beautiful festival, the World Tree bestowed upon them a branch. That was the Branch of Harmony, the treasure of the elves and the symbol of the elf royal family."

The Branch of Harmony. A branch of the World Tree decorated with jewels containing the essence of spirits.

The symbol of the elves and the treasure of spirit mages that maximizes the power of spirits.

They came under this World Tree to borrow the power of that staff.

"And according to some stories... It was a dragon priestess like you who taught the elves such spirit magic."

"Like me?"

"Yes. Like you."

At the elf's words, the silver-haired girl with dragon horns simply tilted her head slightly.

T/N: What are you doing!?

- A record of adventure from a certain hero party.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thus, all internal conflicts among the elves were resolved.

The elves held a ball of spirits to create a harmonious scene so that Yggdrasil wouldn't be upset, and Yggdrasil, touched by the elves, bestowed upon them one of its branches.

I also made a gift of a jewel that strengthens the power of spirits. Hmm. They probably won't fight like before now.

I might have wanted to see the proud high elves, but if those elves fought, Yggdrasil would be sad. Right.

Let's hold back here.

Leaving Yggdrasil, I moved on to find another group of humans.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Perhaps, I had been underestimating humans.

The potential of humans might be so vast and immense that it's beyond the reach of my imagination.


There's no way humans who have formed families with bipedal furry dogs or cats could exist!

They even had children!!! Humans with animal ears! These animal-infused creatures!!!!

No, that cat's daughter over there looks exactly like her mother!!!!

How did it come to this.... It might be the end of the human era....

Chapter end

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