A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 8: Literature Club

Chapter 8: Literature Club

, , Chapter 25 – Beautiful Enough To Make Me Want To Covet Them, What was most stunning about that handsome face, was the faint light surrounding him. It highlighted his youthful and elegant features. His eyes were deep and distant, containing a mix of a refined youngster and a youth with evil charm. Like a well carved jade, the lustre it gave off charmed people heart and soul., In her previous life, Hexi had seen countless handsome celebrities, even Lengye, who betrayed her, was famous as a handsome man., But if those men were placed next to this man, it would be like comparing the light of a firefly to a bright moon, stone to fine jade. They couldn’t be mentioned on equal terms., Hexi was momentarily stunned, then she went on full alert., With a cold voice she asked, “Who are you? What do you want, breaking into my room in the middle of the night?”, The corner of the black clothed man’s mouth lifted, his elegant face with a smile was even more attractive. His deep voice replied languidly, “It’s a dark and stormy night, a man and a woman alone together, what do you say I want to do?”, The veins on Hexi’s forehead became visible, her eyes frosty, she couldn’t help but sneer, “Based on your beautiful appearance, the young ladies from Yan Jing City might be lined up from east to west wanting to be together with you, like a raging fire and dry wood. Maybe your brain has been displaced, coming here to be a two-bit flower thief.”, Beautiful appearance? Two-bit? Flower thief?, The mouth of the black clothed man slightly tipped down, this little girl’s courage was not small. Perhaps in all of Yan Jing City there was no other person who dared to talk to him like this., With only the candlelight illuminating the dark room, the little girl’s eyes shone brilliantly. Containing a frostiness, as peaceful as clear water in a deep well, they rendered his anger useless, instead rousing his interest and curiosity., The man leisurely stepped forward, his tall figure shrouding Hexi in shadows, “Pointed tooth and sharp tongued, what a ruthless little girl. Since you were able to play properly with young master Zhu’s family guards, and was able to detect this king’s presence, you really are worthy of being the Second Miss of the Nalan family, Nalan Feixue, wasn’t it?, “Or perhaps, I should call you Nalan Hexi?”, When the two words “Nalan Hexi” were spoken, the man’s voice was deep and low, his eyes sharp, like an eagle watching his prey, not giving her the chance to escape., Hexi startled, subconsciously taking a step back, her heart surging with shock and annoyance., So it turns out it’s actually like this!, This man appeared here because she was at Gluttonous House, and Zhu Manor’s abnormal behaviour had attracted his attention., No! Maybe it was because of her own actions that she has been followed by this man., This realisation made Hexi’s mood drop, she had stayed in Zhu Manor for so long, but she hadn’t sensed that someone had been watching her., Moreover, if it wasn’t for her space warning her, even if this man had touched her body, she might never have realised it., Damn it! In the end her abilities were much weaker when compared to a powerful cultivator!, Her hands trembled slightly, the Invisible Needles already pressed against her fingertips, a purple light glimmering and shifting in her pitch black eyes, her voice was like a sharp blade, “Speak! You’ve followed me all the way here, what do you want?”, The man was mesmerised looking at her eyes, taking a step forward, without thought he held her chin, and whispered, “Have people told you that you have a beautiful pair of eyes? Beautiful enough to make me want to covet them, taking them home would make for a good collection.”, This perverted man—-!!

Chapter end

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