A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 49 Feathers Vs Scales

Chapter 49 Feathers Vs Scales

As he stood in his domain, he gazed up at the dazzling stars glowing brightly above. , Radiant and mesmerizing, they outshone any he had seen on Earth, and he was in awe. , Thrylos had gifted him with a view of celestial beauty that even his wildest dreams could not have conjured. , Staring up he saw shooting comets and colorful stars. , Even though he hates the nightmares he is still thankful to be here. , Archer left the Domain, as he stepped out he quickly activates his draconic form. , ”Draconis.” , All his draconic features appeared even his sharpened teeth. , Leaping in the air he took off to hunt, after flying for a while he arrived at the forest. , As he soared over the forest, he maintained a watchful eye on the terrain below, much like a hawk scanning for prey. , His flight was slow and deliberate, taking in every detail of the landscape as he glided effortlessly through the sky. , Not noticing anything at first, until his nose picked up the scent of blood, as he flew closer he started to hear the sound of fighting. , Archer arrived swiftly, picking up speed as he approached his destination. , Looking around he saw two dinosaurs fighting at the base of a big mountain. , Stopping not far from them, as he stopped Archer cast six Element Bolts made from Lightning. , The yellow bolts flew through the air while crackling as they struck the dinosaurs. , All he heard was a whistling noise as the spell shot toward the targets, the Lightning bolt punctured the beast’s bodies dropping them to the ground. , Altogether he’s collected 21 hearts from the soldiers yesterday, and two from the beasts just now. , He decided to eat now, once he was done he checked his status. , Exp: 4150/9000 , Level: 78>79 , SP: 45>68 , Archer was happy, he got 3750 experience from the kills and 2300 from the hearts he ate. , He took off again, flying over the treetops. , His nose caught a smell he hasn’t smelt before. , Archer stopped as he started hovering. , The smell was close but he couldn’t pinpoint it, he flew a bit further and he managed to locate what was making such a smell. , Descending to the ground as he spotted the strange-looking beast, it was a magnificent creature with a hulking, furry body and a bird-like head. , ”Oh, it’s an owlbear, the old Archer read about them.” , Its fierce eyes are as big as saucers, and its sharp, curved beak can tear through flesh with ease. , Thick feathers cover its strong shoulders and arms, and its razor-sharp talons can kill its prey in a matter of seconds. , Despite its bulky form, an owlbear is incredibly nimble, able to move quickly and silently through the densest forests. , With its distinctive hooting call, this hybrid predator is both imposing and fascinating. , He was shocked when he saw it, Archer has never seen anything like it before. , Spinning on its heels to face him. , It let out a deafening roar, its eyes fixed on the boy, the beast quickly charged forward catching him off guard. , The bear quickly swiped at him but he dodged while returning the attack with a slash of his own. , He tore through the beast’s skin like a hot knife cutting through butter. , The beast roared in pain as he Thunder Stepped high above while starting to free fall. , He wasn’t using his wings but tucked them in as he summoned his cosmic sword which changed color. , It’s fully black but has violet veins running throughout the blade, aiming it at the beast as he fell. , But something happened that he didn’t expect, the beast swiped at him as he got close. , He managed to shield himself with his wings before he got hit. , The swipe sent him reeling back, but Archer used his wings to protect him as he crashed to the forest floor. , It didn’t hurt his wings at all, there wasn’t even a scratch on the scales, Archer lay there for a second trying to catch his breath. , The morning sun was starting to rise, getting to his feet he approached the unsuspecting beast. , Archer Thunder stepped and appeared next to the owlbears head but before he could cast his spell, the bear tried to swipe at him but his right wing defended him against the attack. ., Claw and scale clashed, sparks flew as Archer deflected the claw to the side as he rushed forward while using his claw to puncture the beast’s chest. , His claws tore through the owlbears skin, bone, and organs, he got covered in blood as the bear was much taller than him. , It weakly swung its other claw at him but Archer used his wing to block the attack. , He pierced the beast’s chest with his claw and tore out its still-beating heart. , Archer stared at the still warm blood running down his arm as he held the heart, his bloodlust kicked in and wanted him to hunt more. , He stored the heart and took off, he wanted to collect his food and keep moving. , After a 10-minute flight, he landed outside the farmstead and cast Cleanse on himself, he looked at the sun and it was still morning. , Archer started walking around as he marveled at the fantastical sights before him. , The grass beneath his feet sparkled with tiny, colorful gemstones that seemed to glow in the sun. , Beasts were grazing in the fields unlike any he had ever seen before, with rainbow-colored fur and sparkling, jewel-like eyes. , As he wandered deeper into the farmstead, Archer noticed the fruits growing on the trees were larger than his head, and their skins were covered in intricate patterns that seemed to shift and move. , The vegetables in the garden were similarly fantastical, with bright, swirling colors that defied logic. , He took a deep breath as he smelled the sweet, spicy fragrance of the plants, which seemed to flavor the very air around him. , The morning sun was a bright, a beautiful golden orb in the sky, casting warm rays of light and shimmering patterns of prismatic colors across the farmstead. , Archer loved the place, it seemed so peaceful until he was interrupted by Riyad. , ”Why are you here? you just turn up and everyone is so friendly to you!” , Staring at the rambling boy, he turned on his heels and walked away while saying. , ”Fuck off with your petty bull**.” , He made his way to the kitchen to see if his food was done. , Archer stepped into the house and made his way to the kitchen where he saw Alima still cooking the food. , The woman turned to him with a smile, she knew something was plaguing the boy but didn’t want to pry so she greeted him. , ”Peace be upon you, Archer.” , He was stunned, a religion on earth uses that greeting. , Shaking his head as he greeted her back. , “Good morning, Alima,” , Archer greeted as he entered the kitchen. , Alima smiled back at him. , “Your food is nearly done.” , As Archer watched her cook, she noticed that he seemed distracted. , “Are you okay, Archer?” , He shook his head. , “Yeah, sorry. Thank you for cooking for me.” .𝒎, Alima paused for a moment before offering some advice. , “You know, life is a precious gift. We only get one shot at it, so it’s important to make the most of every moment.” , Archer looked puzzled. , “What do you mean, make the most of every moment?” , Alima smiled. , “I mean, don’t waste your time on things that don’t matter. Do the things that make you happy, spend time with the people you love, and chase your dreams. Don’t let fear or doubt hold you back.” , “But what if I don’t know what my dreams are?” , “It’s alright, Archer. It’s normal to take time to figure out what you want in life,” , Alima reassured him. , “Just keep exploring, trying new things, and learning about yourself. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination. So enjoy the ride and live life to the fullest.” , He expressed his gratitude to Alima as she resumed cooking his meal. , “Thank you, Alima,” , Archer took a seat and patiently waited for his food to be ready. , Not long after sitting down, she was done with the food. , Alima placed a massive platter full of food, and he took out two gold coins and placed them on the table. , When Alima saw the coins, her eyes widened in surprise before protesting. , “That’s too much for some simple cooking.” , Archer smiled at her as he stood up after storing the food away. , “It’s enough, thank you for cooking, Alima. Do you happen to know where Raymond is?” , She looked at him with surprise written all over her face as she nodded. , ”You’re welcome, and he is behind the house tending to the garden.” , As Archer made his way to the garden, he was immediately struck by the vibrant colors and unusual shapes of the plants and flowers around him. , The air was thick with the sweet scent of blooming flowers, and the sound of a nearby waterfall filled his ears. , He couldn’t help but feel a sense of peace and tranquility wash over him as he took in the beauty of his surroundings. , Archer walked deeper into the garden, he marveled at the towering trees with leaves that glimmered like jewels in the sunlight. , The bushes with flowers that seemed to dance in the breeze were a sight to behold. , He couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder at the beauty of nature. , Approaching a small stream that ran through the garden, he could see fish darting through the crystal-clear water. , The sound of the water flowing over the rocks was soothing, and he found himself drawn to the edge of the stream. , He continued to explore the garden, he noticed that the plants and flowers seemed to be arranged in intricate patterns, almost as if they had been deliberately placed there by someone with a keen eye for design. , It was clear that a lot of thought and care had gone into creating this beautiful oasis. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. 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Chapter end

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